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MyDuaa: More than Just a Digital Duaa Book [Andriod]

Bismillah wasalatu wasalamu ala RasulAllah

MyDuaa: More than Just a Digital Duaa Book

Platform: Android
Review Date: Nov 22, 2014
Google Play Store Rating: 4.7
Developed by: IhsaanFusion
Release Version: 1.0

There is a duaa (supplication) for many occasions, and the best ones are those in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wasalam). But how are you supposed to remember them when you need them? myDuaa to the rescue! This app has those daily and occasional duaas from the Quran and Sunnah that you need, along with a sleek user interface, convenient categorization, audio recitation of each dua, and more, for a price of $0.99.

myDuaa has duaas from the popular booklet حصن المسلم,“Fortress of the Muslim: Invocations from the Qur’an and Sunnah”. These are duaas that you may read for many occasions, such as before sleeping, during rain, upon entering the masjid (mosque), etc. These duaa’s help ensure that you are remembering and calling upon Allah at every occasion.

The myDuaa app has many neat features that you wouldn’t get in the printed version of the duaa Fortress of the Muslim, such as audio recitation of each duaa, a custom favorites category, and the ability to share a duaa using social media. The Arabic text in this app can occasionally be somewhat difficult to decipher, causing you to rely on the transliteration or audio recitation.

The Layout

When you open the myDuaa app, you are greeted with a list of general duaa categories, with more specific situations in each category:

The Main Menu of myDuaa is sorted in categories.
The Main Menu of myDuaa is sorted in categories.

In addition to the text heading of each category, there is a navigation menu that has an icon for each category, which enables you to quickly navigate to the duaa you need.

Each category has icons, making the categorization more visual.
Each category has icons, making the categorization more visual.

Navigation is very easy. You simply tap the situation you need a duaa for. If there is more than one duaa for that situation, you see the different options. Otherwise, if there is only one duaa, then the app takes you directly to it.

Once you have selected the duaa you wish to view, you can view its Arabic text, read the English transliteration, and view an English translation. Also, at the bottom of the duaa there is a reference of where the duaa is from. Additionally, there is also a high quality audio recitation of the duaa, which can be played on a loop to assist with memorization.

However, one minor problem with the app is the readability of the Arabic text. For the most part, the Arabic text is readable, but occasionally the short vowels (dhamma, fatha, kasra) and marking above and below the letters are overlapped, making them impossible to read. This problem can be compensated for to some degree by the transliteration, as well as the audio, which will give you the proper pronunciation of the duaa. However, perhaps the developers should consider replacing the Arabic text with a more readable version. The Fortress of a Muslim book does not have readability issues.

Instances of garbled symbols in the myDuaa app.
Instances of garbled symbols in the myDuaa app.

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The audio duaa recitation is a really convenient feature on this app. It gives you the option to repeat the duaa to facilitate memorization, and also helps you pronounce the duaa correctly.

It is easy to find the duaa you want using the prearranged categories. There is even the option to shift the arrangement of the categories so you can have your own preferred order.

However, there is one limitation to navigation. Once you have selected a duaa, you cannot directly scroll to the next duaa in the category, or in other categories. You have to go back to the previous menu and select the next duaa. However, apart from this, the navigation in this app is quite user friendly.

Special features:

The features that make this app great to use are:

Favorites: You can bookmark frequently used duaas and ones that you plan on memorizing using the favorites feature. This feature is great, since you don’t have to constantly navigate to duaas that you access on a regular basis.

Duaa Favorites Screen
You can favorite a duaa for quick access.

Search: You can search in English or Arabic. The search is dynamic, meaning the results update as you type.

You can search in English or Arabic. The search updates as you type.
You can search in English or Arabic. The search updates as you type.

Audio Recitation: This feature is great in assisting in memorization and pronunciation of the duaas.

Social Media: Share your duaas through Facebook, SMS, or email. You can also share the duaa by copying and pasting it.


MyDuaa is more than just a digital duaa book. It has audio recitation, a neat category system, sharing and many features that give it an edge over the printed version of Fortress of the Muslim. However, one drawback of the app is the occasional overlap of short vowels and marking in the Arabic text. All in all, however, to this reviewer, this app is well worth the 99¢ price tag.

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