Wudu Guide App: Perfect Your Wudu [iPhone]

Bismillah wasalatu wasalamu ala RasulAllah.

Wudu Guide App: Perfect Your Wudu [iPhone]

Platform: iPhone
Review Date: March 07, 2015
App Store Rating: 5.0
Developed by: Hexagon Art
Release Version: 1.0

Wudu Guide App Logo

New to Islam? Or just trying to perfect your wudu (ablution)? Then this is the app for you! Wudu guide for iPhone offers easy to follow, step by step text, pictures, and audios to guide you through the wudu making process. Also, it’s free!

Wudu steps overview
Wudu steps overview

Currently, the app offers a Beginner Level wudu guide. This is intended to guide the beginner through each of the steps of wudu. Each step for wudu also has a corresponding illustration to show how that step of wudu is performed.

Washing of arms screenshot
Washing of arms screenshot

It offers a concise, but relatively thorough, explanation of each step. For each step, there is also an audio reading of the written wudu instructions. Both the English and the Arabic parts of the instructions are playable out loud. This is especially useful for those who may not be able to read Arabic. For every Arabic supplication, there is a translation.

Opening supplication for wudu screenshot
Opening supplication for wudu screenshot

The app is developed by Hexagon Art. In their “About Us” section, they say that their products are “authentic in source and innovative in feature.” MashaAllah. Also, according to the developer, they will be releasing wudu instructions at intermediate level, which promises “comprehensive information on wudu presented in an easy in an easy and unique manner” inshaAllah.

This app is a great guide for those looking to learn or perfect their wudu. It’s free, easy to use, and intuitive. It is a must have for new Muslims. Please feel free to share it with new Muslims! JazakAllahu khairun! (May Allah reward you!)


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