Wudu Guide App: Perfect Your Wudu [iPhone]

Bismillah wasalatu wasalamu ala RasulAllah.

Wudu Guide App: Perfect Your Wudu [iPhone]

Platform: iPhone
Review Date: March 07, 2015
App Store Rating: 5.0
Developed by: Hexagon Art
Release Version: 1.0

Wudu Guide App Logo

New to Islam? Or just trying to perfect your wudu (ablution)? Then this is the app for you! Wudu guide for iPhone offers easy to follow, step by step text, pictures, and audios to guide you through the wudu making process. Also, it’s free!

Wudu steps overview
Wudu steps overview

Currently, the app offers a Beginner Level wudu guide. This is intended to guide the beginner through each of the steps of wudu. Each step for wudu also has a corresponding illustration to show how that step of wudu is performed.

Washing of arms screenshot
Washing of arms screenshot

It offers a concise, but relatively thorough, explanation of each step. For each step, there is also an audio reading of the written wudu instructions. Both the English and the Arabic parts of the instructions are playable out loud. This is especially useful for those who may not be able to read Arabic. For every Arabic supplication, there is a translation.

Opening supplication for wudu screenshot
Opening supplication for wudu screenshot

The app is developed by Hexagon Art. In their “About Us” section, they say that their products are “authentic in source and innovative in feature.” MashaAllah. Also, according to the developer, they will be releasing wudu instructions at intermediate level, which promises “comprehensive information on wudu presented in an easy in an easy and unique manner” inshaAllah.

This app is a great guide for those looking to learn or perfect their wudu. It’s free, easy to use, and intuitive. It is a must have for new Muslims. Please feel free to share it with new Muslims! JazakAllahu khairun! (May Allah reward you!)


MyDuaa: More than Just a Digital Duaa Book [Andriod]

Bismillah wasalatu wasalamu ala RasulAllah

MyDuaa: More than Just a Digital Duaa Book

Platform: Android
Review Date: Nov 22, 2014
Google Play Store Rating: 4.7
Developed by: IhsaanFusion
Release Version: 1.0

There is a duaa (supplication) for many occasions, and the best ones are those in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu alayhi wasalam). But how are you supposed to remember them when you need them? myDuaa to the rescue! This app has those daily and occasional duaas from the Quran and Sunnah that you need, along with a sleek user interface, convenient categorization, audio recitation of each dua, and more, for a price of $0.99.

myDuaa has duaas from the popular booklet حصن المسلم,“Fortress of the Muslim: Invocations from the Qur’an and Sunnah”. These are duaas that you may read for many occasions, such as before sleeping, during rain, upon entering the masjid (mosque), etc. These duaa’s help ensure that you are remembering and calling upon Allah at every occasion.

The myDuaa app has many neat features that you wouldn’t get in the printed version of the duaa Fortress of the Muslim, such as audio recitation of each duaa, a custom favorites category, and the ability to share a duaa using social media. The Arabic text in this app can occasionally be somewhat difficult to decipher, causing you to rely on the transliteration or audio recitation.

The Layout

When you open the myDuaa app, you are greeted with a list of general duaa categories, with more specific situations in each category:

The Main Menu of myDuaa is sorted in categories.
The Main Menu of myDuaa is sorted in categories.

In addition to the text heading of each category, there is a navigation menu that has an icon for each category, which enables you to quickly navigate to the duaa you need.

Each category has icons, making the categorization more visual.
Each category has icons, making the categorization more visual.

Navigation is very easy. You simply tap the situation you need a duaa for. If there is more than one duaa for that situation, you see the different options. Otherwise, if there is only one duaa, then the app takes you directly to it.

Once you have selected the duaa you wish to view, you can view its Arabic text, read the English transliteration, and view an English translation. Also, at the bottom of the duaa there is a reference of where the duaa is from. Additionally, there is also a high quality audio recitation of the duaa, which can be played on a loop to assist with memorization.

However, one minor problem with the app is the readability of the Arabic text. For the most part, the Arabic text is readable, but occasionally the short vowels (dhamma, fatha, kasra) and marking above and below the letters are overlapped, making them impossible to read. This problem can be compensated for to some degree by the transliteration, as well as the audio, which will give you the proper pronunciation of the duaa. However, perhaps the developers should consider replacing the Arabic text with a more readable version. The Fortress of a Muslim book does not have readability issues.

Instances of garbled symbols in the myDuaa app.
Instances of garbled symbols in the myDuaa app.

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The audio duaa recitation is a really convenient feature on this app. It gives you the option to repeat the duaa to facilitate memorization, and also helps you pronounce the duaa correctly.

It is easy to find the duaa you want using the prearranged categories. There is even the option to shift the arrangement of the categories so you can have your own preferred order.

However, there is one limitation to navigation. Once you have selected a duaa, you cannot directly scroll to the next duaa in the category, or in other categories. You have to go back to the previous menu and select the next duaa. However, apart from this, the navigation in this app is quite user friendly.

Special features:

The features that make this app great to use are:

Favorites: You can bookmark frequently used duaas and ones that you plan on memorizing using the favorites feature. This feature is great, since you don’t have to constantly navigate to duaas that you access on a regular basis.

Duaa Favorites Screen
You can favorite a duaa for quick access.

Search: You can search in English or Arabic. The search is dynamic, meaning the results update as you type.

You can search in English or Arabic. The search updates as you type.
You can search in English or Arabic. The search updates as you type.

Audio Recitation: This feature is great in assisting in memorization and pronunciation of the duaas.

Social Media: Share your duaas through Facebook, SMS, or email. You can also share the duaa by copying and pasting it.


MyDuaa is more than just a digital duaa book. It has audio recitation, a neat category system, sharing and many features that give it an edge over the printed version of Fortress of the Muslim. However, one drawback of the app is the occasional overlap of short vowels and marking in the Arabic text. All in all, however, to this reviewer, this app is well worth the 99¢ price tag.

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A Free Quran App with Nearly all the Features You Could Want [Android]

Bismillah wasalatu wasalamu ala RasulAllah

A Free Quran App with Nearly all the Features You Could Want

Platform: Android
Review Date: Sept 29, 2014
Google Play Store Rating: 4.7
Developed by: Quran Android
Release Version: 2.5.8

An app that will give you the Arabic text of the Quran and a whole host of useful features on your Android device; that’s the Quran Android app in a nutshell. Quran Android is a free, open source app for Android that has most of the feature you could ever want or need in a Quran app.

Everything from transliteration, translations in several languages (English, French, German, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, and more), tafsir (explanation), audio recitation, search mode, and more are available on this app. One notable feature not present is color coded tajweed (pronunciation rules).

The Layout:

Quran Android’s layout of the Arabic text of the Quran corresponds to that of a printed Madina mus’haf (print version). This is convenient when switching between reading in print and reading on the app. Even the page numbers and line numbers match. On larger Android tablets, this mode can displays two pages at a time. There is also the option of switching between landscape and portrait mode.

Mushaf and Quran Android
Mus’haf and Quran Android

One feature of note that is not included in this app is color coded tajweed. Of course, this feature is not essential, but is an available option in other similar apps. Also, there is no pinch zoom, so in the Arabic text only mode, there are only two text sizes: portrait and landscape. However, this issue is somewhat addressed in the translation mode, where the Arabic text can be displayed and resized (See Translations for details and images).

Audio Recitation:

MashaAllah, the app has several options for audio recitation of the Quran. Currently there are 15+ reciters, each of which recite ayah  by ayah. Some of the notable reciters include: Abd El Basit, Husary, Minshawy, and many others. There is even an audio English translation (Ibrahim Walk). When the audio is played, the ayah that is being recited is highlighted in the text, thus enabling the user to follow along with the recitation. There is also a repeat ayah mode (still in beta test, according to the developer on the Google Play App page) that repeat the current ayah 1, 2, 3, or “infinity” times.

One thing to note, however, is that there doesn’t seem to be a mode of reciting without momentary pauses between ayat.


There are also text translations in many languages such as English (Sahih International, Mushin Khan & Hilali, Yusuf Ali, Pickthall), French, German, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish, Turkish, Bosnian, Russian, Bengali, Kurdish, Somali, Dutch, Swahili, Malayalam, Azerbaijani, Tamil, Urdu, Farsi, Chinese, and many others. The English translation is displayed ayah by ayah. There is no paragraph mode for displaying translations, so on smaller screens the translation must be scrolled through often. There is also an option to display the translation and Arabic text together. However, in this mode, the Arabic text is written using the Arabic font, not the calligraphy used in the Quran text only mode:

Screenshot_2014-09-29-19-20-27 Screenshot_2014-09-29-19-22-38 Screenshot_2014-09-29-19-23-15

[Quran only mode]  [Translation mode (Sahih International)]  [Translation and Text]

In addition to having translations, the app also has tafaseer (explanations) of the Quran available. As of the writing of this review, the tafaseer all seem to be in Arabic, and include the tafaseer of Baghwy, Ibn Kathir, Muyassar, Qurtubi, Sa3di, Tabari, Tanweer, and Waseet.

Extra Features:

The extra features in the Quran Android app include:

Night Mode (beta): This options makes a dark background and light fonts for easier-on-the-eyes reading in dark settings.


[Night mode]

Search Mode: Enables you to search the translations, while giving you dynamic results as you type.


Volume Key Navigation: This option lets you navigate through the pages of the Quran using the volume keys on your Android.

Bookmarks: Lets you bookmark certain pages, and stores the page where you left off.

Marker Pop-up: This option makes a momentary pop-up upon reaching a juz’, hizb, etc. section.

Advanced Settings: Lets you choose where to store your downloaded content. This is particularly useful for storing audio recitation files, since they can be quite large onto external memory.

Download Amount: Lets you choose how much audio to download at a time. Options are page, surah, or juz.


The Quran Android app is one app that seems to have nearly every feature you could want in a Quran app for free. MashAllah, it has many convenient features like a standard Quranic Arabic layout and calligraphy, a plethora of reciters, ayah by ayah recitation, and more, which make it a pleasure to use. Some additional features that could be suggested are: English tafaseer, audio streaming without momentary pause in ayat, color coded tajweed, and a paragraph mode for translations. Another suggestion would be to make it available on the Apple app store. A great thing about this app is that is open source, so these features can be added inshaAllah!

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